Leadership and Organisational Management by Almeric Johnson

Using an organisational approach to lead and manage an organisation is a complex field and there are few books written by experienced and qualified authors who fully understand the subject. Almeric Johnson has written a comprehensive guide for those who want to develop their understanding of these enabling processes of leading and managing transition for change. Here he offers his years of experience providing many real life case studies from the workplace that demonstrate the application of the decision-making process for developing the ability to resolve multiple problems simultaneously. Each aspect is explained thoroughly in an understandable and clear way, covering all the typical concepts and problems encountered when attempting to improve the performance of individuals, teams and the overall organisation.

Whether you’re a CEO or an executive who needs a new approach to problem-solving, or if you are already midway through implementing organisational change and experiencing what may appear to be intractable problems, you will find this book an extremely useful source of insightful advice, encouragement and practical know-how. These enabling developmental processes are motivationally addictive and will leave you asking why you were not made aware of them earlier.

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